HRC Janadriyah Pavilion

The HRC Janadriyah Pavilion design embodies openness and transparency to reflect the protection of Human Rights. It is a strategic interface between the HRC and the world, connecting the Human Rights to the traditions reflected in the Janadryiah Festival. The design creates harmony by merging tradition and progress utilizing a contemporary interpretation of traditional Arabic architectural motifs.

The exhibition concept leads the visitor along ramps, to view along exhibits reflecting the various aspects of Human Rights. The building itself encompasses a strategic use of lighting by interior illumination of filtered natural light by day and glowing with media screen and light features by night. The design hosts a rich organic landscape with water elements and public gardens for repose and contemplation amid the rich Janadriyah Festival.


Al-Janadriyah, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia


Flexible exhibition spaces, cafes, external amphitheatre & rest rooms

Plot size

5414 m2

Gross floor area

2662 m2

Project year

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