Celebration Hall

The sophisticated design of the Celebration Hall incorporates and captures the originality of celebrations and hospitality by combining Najd Architecture tradition, heritage and technological progress whilst maintaining a modern, flexible and innovative design approach. The dynamic free flowing spaces guide visitors with ease and comfort throughout the luxurious interiors while the rhythmic motion of the tent-like structure ultimately defines the architectural form and space of the Celebration Hall.

An intelligent landscape design creates interior green gardens and balances the strong geometry of the building, providing further pleasant environment and bringing “green architecture” into the Diplomatic Quarters. The outer shell serves as a traditional Malqaf element floating above the landscape, providing natural cooling systems by drawing the prevailing winds into the interior shell.
The roof is composed of two layers of skin; the primary external reflective white membrane provides shelter from the sun, has great opportunities to accommodate solar panels and can be modified in terms of aesthetics using coloured lighting projectors. 


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Celebrate marriages and other similar ceremonies

Plot size

38000 m2

Gross floor area

46700 m2

Project year

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