Al Ghubrah Muscat

Located in the beautiful beach neighborhoods of Muscat Oman, Al Ghubrah Mix-Use Development offers a prime location for shopping and living within easy access of the beach. The building is divided horizontally with the Ground Floor reserved for Retail and the floors above as Residential; ample parking is provided below ground. The Ground Floor Retail is transparent, enclosed in glass with minimal framing offering unobstructed views and maximum Retail storefront. This transparency at the Ground Level also creates the impression of floating to the Residential volume above. The lofty Residences thus elevated are oriented to achieve maximum views of the Gulf of Oman, a spectacular vista. All apartments are provided with a large outdoor Terrace, the better to enjoy the cooling ocean breeze and cultivate private gardens. The building complex surrounds an inner courtyard where residence enjoy the privacy of a shared garden and amenities such as the swimming pool and spa area are enclosed for privacy. The residential buildings are separated and the volumes of the enclosed area are designed to give access to natural light and air circulation. Apartment windows and terraces are screened to provide privacy and sun shading.

Each apartment layout is optimized to create the largest rooms while also considering storage and room function. Consideration is given in the design of living spaces Kitchens and Living Rooms are paired with the Terrace, effectively extending these spaces, all Master Bedrooms contain ensuite Bathrooms, and Powder Rooms are provided for guests.


Muscat, Oman


Apartments, mixed use

Plot size

10136 m2

Project year

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