Waves Resort

The Waves Resort Algeria on the coast of Algeria is located slightly to the west of Algiers and to the northwest of Houari Boumédienne Airport. It lies within a nature protection zone where an area between the resort and the coast which is 100 meter apart is reserved for the general public. The entire area is topographically divided into a West Bank, an East Bank, an intermediate valley and a beach section. The West Bank and East Bank slope down to the beach and are linked by a bridge over the valley. The elevated location of these areas adds value to the architecture.

There are five different programmatic functions: tourist attractions, residential, business convention, commercial, public and cultural facilities. In addition there are generous spaces for recreation and golf courses. These functions are distributed over the entire resort.

The residential area is characterized by its diversity. Its types include 2 to 4-storey town houses, luxury apartments or contemporary villas with sea views. A multi-purpose hall, an event centre and a conference centre located on the West Bank form the civic centre of the Algeria Waves Resort. Medical care, a mosque and wedding hall and other public services complete the picture.


Ain Taya, Algeria


Touristic, residential, business convention, commercial, public and cultural

Plot size

3182000 m2

Gross floor area

1050000 m2

Project year

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