Financial Trade Centre Algiers

The Financial Trade Centre occupies an urban block in the heart of the city of Algiers. The actual site is completely built-up; however it is possible to move comfortably through the block at ground floor level, as the surrounding streets are continued within the building and lead the visitor through a covered bazaar with generous skylights.

Urban interventions are introduced on either side of the „City Island“. On one side a series of towers creates a backdrop for the entire complex to make a powerful symbolic statement in the cityscape. On the other side large gateway structures mark the entrances to the Financial Trade Center. The covered public space links both sides of the complex.
The colored glass facade is different to the two functional areas, while the design unifies the entire complex. 


Algiers, Algeria


Commercial Development

Plot size

150000 m2

Gross floor area

486398 m2

Project year

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